Yahoo Messenger 2009 v9.0.0.2034

Yahoo! Messenger 9 is a wonderful upgrade for users who regular share web videos and photos with other IM friends.

Now when you paste a YouTube video URL in Yahoo! Messenger 9 chat window, your friends can watch the video clip inline without having to visit the YouTube Website.

Same holds true for Flickr photostreams or any other other photos on the web – you can either paste photo URLs in the IM window or drag-n-drop pictures from the desktop – your friends can preview the pictures right inside the Yahoo! chat window.

Another useful feature – if you are going Offline, you can configure Yahoo! Messenger 9 to forward all the Offline IM message to a your mobile number as SMS text messages.


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  1. tania said,

    May 2, 2009 at 10:04 pm

    i am using yahoo messenger 9.0,my problem is this i am not able to chat in yahoo..i am able to login ad when i select any room to join chat i am getting popup continously “your request is refused”..i have tried diff i’s of me and my friends too…some of them are working but some of them are not working.plz tell me proper solutions ,i have two pc’s and problem presist on both of them with my id,plz tell me what to do???

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